Simon Needham uses his gorgeous photographs of lions to raise awareness about conservation

All photos: Simon Needham via Instagram

Simon Needham is a photographer based in LA whose passion for travel developed into a commitment to conservation work after he was inspired by the powerful experience of being up close with animals in their natural habitat. Recently, a photo-series of his depicting a 6-year-old white lion named Moya (pictured above) at a lion sanctuary in South Africa gained international attention thanks to the animal’s majestic locks, and Simon hopes that the increased focus on his work will help raise awareness about the issue of lion conservation.

In addition to the fabulous photos of Moya (more of which are below)…

The winners of the Northern Lights photography competition capture the magic and mystery of the Aurora Borealis

All photos via Capture the Atlas

If If you happen to feel a great disturbance in the magnetosphere, it might be because some charged particles from the sun are bopping around in there. And as freaky as that sounds, it’s actually no cause for alarm (as far as I know?). What it is the cause of though, is an Aurora — glowing polar lights named after the Roman goddess of dawn that are just one more reason that our planet is a magical place.

These 25 gorgeous photos of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights (borealis is Late Latin for “North Wind”) were selected by the…

Even the greatest works of art look even better with a nice Australian Shepherd

All photos: Eliza Reinhardt via Instagram

Finnegan “Finn” Reinhardt is a Texas-based Australian Shepherd dog who has spent the last year brilliantly recreating famous works of art with his best friend and roommate Eliza. Eliza’s keen artistic eye, sense of humor, and skills as a painter are a perfect complement to Finn’s years of practice at being an exceptionally good boy, and the pair have collaborated on dozens of magnificent artistic homages, using just materials they have at home to recreate various masterpieces.

Finn and Eliza’s earliest works are more literal, finding paintings of women and dogs to recreate, but as their journey has progressed they’ve…

And some pigeons. Honestly, if you’re a bird, you can audition to be this nice dog’s best friend.

A black duck and a german shepherd dog touch beak to nose in a photograph of the two friends
A black duck and a german shepherd dog touch beak to nose in a photograph of the two friends
Photos: Vendetta and Lemony via Instagram

Vendetta and Lemony are quite close. They share a lot of the same interests, after all, like rainy days, getting lost in the woods, and long walks in nature. But it would be a dramatic failure of journalism to report these facts without also noting that Vendetta is a German Shepherd. And that Lemony is an Indian runner duck. It is also salient, to this reporter, that these two best friends have a pair of sidekicks called Grisella and Heldig, and that Grisella and Heldig are pigeons, who were rescued as babies.

As any self-respecting duck/dog dynamic duo with pigeon…

The winners of the most recent Ocean Photography Awards are utterly mesmerizing

A photograph of a shark with bared teeth swimming in clear, gradient blue ocean water, another shark appears in the background
A photograph of a shark with bared teeth swimming in clear, gradient blue ocean water, another shark appears in the background
Photo: Tanner Mansell. All photos courtesy of Ocean Photography Awards

Vast, inaccessible, and astonishingly beautiful, the ocean can often feel like an alien place, full of danger and enchantment in equal parts. This makes the achievements of photographers who are able to shine a light on this part of our world all the more impressive, as they draw attention to the threats that the ocean faces, reveal its hidden beauty, and bring us face to face with its fascinating inhabitants.

The recently announced winners of the Ocean Photography Awards, organized by Oceanographic Magazine, are truly incredible achievements in this field. Seven major awards were granted, in categories for Ocean Conservation…

I accidentally watched “The Dig” the other night. I loved it. This was my journey.

All Photos: Netflix

Under the false impression that it was going to be one of those films where they dig too far and there’s something in the dark, I recently watched “The Dig.” These were my thoughts. Mild spoilers for “The Dig,” I think.

1. What is this, an archaeology movie? I don’t need to watch an archaeology movie, unless they’re planning on finding a mummy that comes back to life.

2. If it turns out to be some old bones or wood from the past that they dig up and not a dormant skeleton army, I am going to be VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Kiko is happy to be in your photo as long as it is clearly *about* her

Kiko the Finnish Spitz dog poses for a photo backwards and upside-down while her disapproving sister looks on.
Kiko the Finnish Spitz dog poses for a photo backwards and upside-down while her disapproving sister looks on.
All photos: Kaya the Shepherd via Instagram

Kiko is a 10-month-old Finnish Spitz puppy who insists on doing things her own way—especially when it comes to posing for her person’s Instagram photos. She lives with her sister Tofu and a wise, patient, and long-suffering White Swiss Shepherd named Kaya who acts as the mother of the group.

From beloved pets to wild creatures, a series of stunning photos of the amazing animals we share our world with

Photo: JJNMatt; all photos via Agora

Earlier this year, the photography app Agora challenged photographers to submit photos of living creatures from around the world for a contest focused on celebrating the diverse and precious life on our planet. More than 13,000 photos were submitted to the contest before the winner — a dazzling photo of an iguana by Indonesian photographer JJN Matt—was crowned.

From an absolutely charming shot of an arctic fox cub trying (and adorably failing) to look tough to a magical image of a highland cow storming through a misty heather field in the Netherlands to a heartbreaking photo of a devoted dog…

You can get a lot of interesting thoughts if you think about the thoughts of thought leaders

Photo: Pexels

There are two types of thought-people in the world — thought leaders and thought followers. Because of their bad, clouded brains, thought followers lack the capacity for what’s called “blue sky thinking,” which is the only way to be a success in life. But even if you are a thought follower, you can still have ideas sometimes, and the best way to do that is to look at thought leaders and think about what they’re thinking. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career doing exactly that, and as a result, I’ve amassed quite an impressive portfolio of incredible…

An arctic fox huddles against the snow.
An arctic fox huddles against the snow.
All photo via NPOTY 2020

These gorgeous images are the winners of the Nature Photographer of the Year competition

The overall winner of the latest Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY) competition is a photo by Roberto Marchegiani of a lone giraffe emerging from a forest in Kenya, reminiscent of a dinosaur navigating an ancient landscape, standing out in striking contrast to the dark and forbidding forest that frames her. Magdalena Herrera, the chair of the NPOTY jury, which selected the winner from nearly 20,000 submissions, explains their choice:

This image has a fairy-tale quality that goes far beyond a wildlife document. The contrast of the dark forest with branches like flashes of lightning and the little giraffe, who…

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